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Boater's Bulletin                                                                                 August 29, 2017


Update from the State Parks Boating Program

Greetings, Boaters!


The 2017 Legislature enacted legislation that affects recreational boaters. And U.S. Coast Guard regulations regarding Hull Identification Numbers have been a source of angst among many boaters. We wanted to give you an update on these hot topics.



2017 Legislative Changes

marine patrolVessel impound authority. The Legislature passed House Bill 1605, giving marine law enforcement officers the authority to impound a vessel if they arrest the operator for boating under the influence and cannot find another qualified operator to take control of the vessel. This law created due process and protections for boaters as well as officers. The law went into effect on July 23, 2017. The Department of Licensing is currently working on developing the Vessel Impound Authorization and Vessel Foreclosure forms.older text.


Some key provisions in the new law (RCW 79A.60.045) include:


Flare gunVisual distress signals exempted from the definition of a firearm. The Legislature passed Senate Bill 5552, amending Washington's firearm law. Flare guns or other pyrotechnic visual distress signaling devices are now excluded from the definition of firearm. (RCW 9.41.010



Verification of Hull Identification Numbers

In 2012, the U.S. Coast Guard passed a regulation requiring all agencies registering or titling vessels to verify that Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) conform to federal regulations during the re-registration process. The Department of Licensing (DOL), and their agents, is responsible for implementing this regulation. We are providing a few facts and tips to help inform boaters about the issue.

For more information about the State Parks Boating Program, including safety tips, how to get your Boater Education Card, find a pump out location and more, visit www.goboatingwa.com.

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